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Logistics & Transportation Services

Transportation and Logistics is about the planning, routing, scheduling, controlling, coordination,and monitoring supplies. In the transportation segment, it is a continuous sequence in which adjacent elements are perceptibly similar to each other. Transportation and Movement Plan is a tool used to help allocate resources based on the customer’s priorities, and to balance requirements against the capabilities.

Our industry image is all about our assets and competitive advantage, generally results from a combination of tangible assets, capabilities, and intangible assets such as reputation and intellectual property (IP).

Centralized Execution

At SML, the complete transportation operation is centralized, however, SML transportation planning and resource allocation exists at every location where we operate or involved in an operation. The Highly Trained Transportation Management is aware of the current and future requirements of the logistics movement as well as the capabilities available to meet the requirements either by the customer or supplier. Centralization of fuel transportation normally occurs at the levels charged with integrating logistics support. SML border terminal (Border Storages) operations are independently operative under centralized control, which means our Borders terminal and operation remain free to assign and control the specific transportation assets that meets the loading requirement. This practice enhances the flexibility to prioritize support and accomplish the transportation mission and movement of Jet fuel loading into Jet fuel trucks within the country and same as Diesel and Gasoline.

Tanker Truck Movements

SML Operations Management (Centralized Operation Center – COC) understand the requirement of the product and supply level in the stocks with the coordination of Storage and Stocks Center – SSC (Combination of SML all storages operations), COC communicates with Transport Management on their three (3) months delivery requirement to prevent terminal congestion and scheduling conflicts. Proper management of transportation assets and the transportation network is always critical because after a long trip truck and tanker has to be inspected before assigning next delivery assignment.
The free flow of fuel transportation works in a non-saturated environment. However,saturation of the system normally occurs when high demand of any product comes from the customer. Our object is to provide and fulfill the customer demand, not the reduction of consumption. However, the concept of support (i.e., number of distribution points,frequency of resupply, distance of delivery location, non-contiguous area of operations,etc.) can saturate the transportation system. Inadequate transportation capabilities in relationship to the size of the customer requirement will require prioritization. As an example, same customer has demand of any particular product to more then one location at the same time, so in response, SML keeps its assets reserve and execution takes place with he approval based on customer’s priorities.

Fuel Tankers

Transporting precious Fuel is a task we do “best”. Depending on your requirements, we can provide fuel tankers with small or large capacities which can range from 700 to 10,000 US gallons.

SML offers an impressive fleet of fuel tankers, which includes Diesel Tankers, Petrol Tankers, Propane Tankers, Jet A-1 / JP8 Tankers, Oil Tankers, Used Oil Tankers & different kinds of Chemical Tankers.

Our entire fleet is maintained on site by qualified technicians and our dedicated operators are well-versed in all safety standards during and after transport.

SML caters to industries as diverse as construction, contracting, transport and shipping. Our affordable rates and dedication to client satisfaction have made our services a resounding success, which we aim to further improve.


SML prides itself on providing state-of-art high quality transportation services for a diverse clientele. We offers a wide range of land transportation services including specialized project movements, turnkey transportation, heavy-duty low bed and Super-cube trailers capable of carrying large volume more economically.

Our objective is to consistently provide our clients with safe, comprehensive, high quality transportation services which meet world class standards. Our operations are executed by teams of highly experienced and motivated personnel whose technical expertise guarantees the quality of the service. Emphasis is placed upon the adherence to our homogenous and comprehensive documentation and procedures to ensure that our standards of safety, quality and training are implemented and maintained at the highest standards.

Our fleet comprises a wide range of transportation vehicles ranging from Fuel Tankers, Flatbed Trailers, Low Bed Trailers, Tipper Trucks, Refrigerated Freight Trailers and all kinds of Pickups. SML’s experience, proven track record and market leading reputation is its foundation for its future growth plans. SML Transport ability to identify opportunities, analyze and innovatively provide effective solutions to client’s requirements has its advantage over other competitors in the transportation industry.

Oil and Gas Field

SML is specialized in undertaking Oil and Gas field projects both onshore and offshore. We offer all kinds of transportation, heavy equipment and cranes. Our Oil and Gas Field vehicles meet all government required vehicle standards. These are installed with IVMS (In Vehicle Monitoring System), Chalwyn Valves, Third-party Certificates and CNIA / CICPA passes.

Our operators are trained to comply with strict safety standards required by Onshore and Offshore Oil Fields, eg. ADSD Training (Adco Safe Driving Training), H2S OPITO Training and T-BOSIET Training for Offshore Fields. HSE induction training is provided to all the staff before join the sites.

Heavy Equipment

SML offers a large fleet of Construction Equipment, Work tools and other equipment that are required at the construction sites. These are available for both short term as well as long term requirement and also on weekly / monthly rental basis. Skilled equipment operators are also available if required. Trained technicians are available to readily attend to any site maintenance.

Having a large and ever expanding fleet of heavy/light equipment serves Construction, Oil & Gas field and Marine Industry. Our fleet comprises a wide range of equipment ranging from Excavators, Dozers, Backhoe Loaders, Wheel loaders, Forklifts, Telehandler, Skid Loaders and Tipper Trucks. Our equipment can be readily mobilized to any location within the country. With our highly qualified staff and experienced technicians, you can be assured that the equipment will remain reliable and well supported.

SML depth of technical expertise, modern reliable equipment and any time backup service makes it the preferred supplier of hire in plant and machinery equipment.


We offer a varied range of top quality mobile cranes rental services. Our fleet comprises a wide range of cranes, which includes Hydraulic Truck Cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes, All Terrain Cranes and Hiab Cranes. And they have the capacity ranging from 7 ton to 100 ton.

The cranes are provided in good working condition and are properly maintained. Our reliable services are highly recommended in various industrial and commercial purposes. The trained staff is able to carry out all the required activities. In addition, our services can be availed at attractive rates.

Water Tankers

SML’s commitment to excellence in quality and offering professional services is also reflected in our water quality and supply services. Supplying of fresh water through water tankers is one of our business hallmarks and through innovative techniques and a focus on hygiene; we have established ourselves as the brand for fresh water supply in UAE and Dubai in particular.

Water is supplied through a dedicated fleet of tankers.SML’s potable water tankers meet the Dubai Municipality quality requirements. At present, we offer different types of water, namely High Purity Distilled Water, Potable Water, Reverse Osmosis Water (RO), TSE Water and Salt Water to construction sites, labour camps and the marine industry, where very a substantial number of tankers are served daily.

SML provides 4500/5000/10000/12000 imperial gallon tankers for water transportation. Our fleet of water tankers is well maintained in our personalized garage and is driven by qualified operators who are backed around-the-clock by a dedicated technical team.


SML offers an impressive Air-Conditioned fleet of buses which includes of different seating capacities (14/29/33/49/60) to provide comfortable and accommodating trips to its passengers. SML maintains its own private garage to keep its fleet in the check and keep up with its safety standards. A comprehensive vehicle management system is in place supported by regular training programs for our drivers.

It is highly reputed for its service, safety standards and travel rates. At SML, we create and deliver daily commuting programs and one-off transportation services that enable us to build great relationships with many of the largest, most respected companies and institutions. SML achieves this by blending highest quality service, commitment, safety and computerized logistics scheduling and management technology to provide the most advanced customer service available in the transportation marketplace today.