A key part of ensuring secure and affordable supplies of petroleum products involve diversifying supply routes. This includes identifying and building relationships with various regional suppliers decreasing dependence of our supply chain from a single POL supplier source. The main source of all products required in this solicitation is hence, sourced from three Central Asian Countries and its state-owned organizations and three refineries:


MIDOR is an Egyptian shareholding company established in 1994, with the aim for domestic and international markets. MIDOR scope of activities has been extended during the last few years to include trading activities which involve purchasing and selling crude oil, products and petroleum derivatives, domestically and internationally. MIDOR is of the major supplier of Jet fuel to SML.


Motor Oil (Hellas) Corinth Refineries S.A. MOTOR OIL is the largest private industrial complex in Greece and among the top refineries in Europe interms of complexity. It can process crude oil of various characteristics and produce a full range of petroleum products, serving major petroleum marketing companies in Greece and abroad.Additionally, the refinery of Motor Oil is the only one that produces base oils in Greece. Apart from fuels,the Company is also a lubricants producer and packager in Greece.


The Saras Group is active in the Refining sector by means of the Sarroch refinery, which is one of the biggest in the Mediterranean in terms of production capacity (15 million tons/year) equivalent of 15% of the total capacity of Italian refineries, and also in terms of the complexity of plants,it is ranked among the best in Europe (10 on the Nelson Index). Its location on the coast south-west of Cagliari gives it a strategic position in the middle of the Mediterranean, and assures proximity of both the various crude supplier countries and the main consumption of refined products markets.The refinery has a high processing capacity and structural complexity. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), gasoline and diesel form more than 80% of the project’s output. Medium distillates, mainly diesel, make up about 40% of the output.


For many years SML actively participates in trading at the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan (TSCE) and manages its energy products such diesel fuel, gasoline, LPG. SML has first-hand knowledge and expertise in the Turkmen energy markets. We maintain productive and continuing relations with key market participants, producers, refiners,logistics companies in Turkmenistan.