Safety and Health

We, at SML are committed to taking every reasonable precaution for the protection of all employees. To fulfill this commitment, we will make effort to provide and maintain a safe and healthy workplace by adhering to acceptable industry standards and complying with occupational health and safety legislation. Management and Supervisor swill be held accountable for the health and safety of staff under their supervision.Responsibility includes ensuring that fuel tanker trucks and all POL handling equipment are safe and that work practices are in compliance with established legislation, workplace practices and procedures.

To protect their health and safety, all our personnel involved in POL handling and moving receive adequate training’s in regards to specific operational hazards associated with each type of fuel to be delivered under this contract and any additives thereto, including additives blended by SML. As required we will submit a copy of our written Safety and Occupational Health Program Plan to the Contracting Officer within thirty days of award.