Fuel Assurance Plans

You may already have a fuel requirement. But what good is this investment or when needed without fuel? Without access to fuel, your best intentions to be prepared are of no value when problem strikes. At SML Energy, we have you covered so you will never experience downtime–regardless of what causes the interruption. Our clients experienced no disruption to their business or as we call it, 100% uptime.

SML believes that fueling is done best when it’s strategically planned in advance of the customer requirement. Our team will consult with you to review the various requirements that can impact your ability to remain in business. We conduct in-depth needs assessments – often with customers who have dozens of facilities across multiple cities and countries – to develop customized emergency fueling solutions that are cost effective and battle tested.

We understand business continuity strategies are unique to every client. We back our Fuel Assurance Plans with a money back guarantee. Contact us today to learn how you can lock in priority delivery and guaranteed fuel supply for your business so you can have access to fuel when you need it most.