The Secure Movement Logistics (SML) was built through hard work and surrounded with the best people. We believe the most important factor in determining success in a business is the people behind it. Innovation excels in a collaborative environment where everyone is focused and committed on the same goal. Our technology is reshaping the energy industry and how we interact with customers through digital platforms. Our passion for innovation is unmatched and there is one thing that will never change at SML – our steadfast focus on customers. Our customers remain the highest priority in everything we do.

Economies run on energy; it fuels all commercial and public life. The energy sector is intensively regulated and in many countries the state is heavily involved. Private sector engagement is essential to improve efficiency, strengthen markets and meet the operational challenges the sector faces. Many countries are 100% dependent on import of petroleum products and power generation. In results, it faces the challenge of managing the supply chain and ensuring continuous supply without any interruption is provided to the energy consumers for their sustainably and equitably.

Petroleum Products

SML is operative in the energy sector since 1996 supplying petroleum products to the national and international companies in Bahrain, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, Denmark and Italy. SML, under its Energy Operations Policy, during which period it has invested EUR 81.60 million in 172 projects in nine countries. This Energy Strategy restates SML’s role in the energy sector for the period from 2014 to end 2018, taking account of the major developments that have occurred in the past seven years.SML has been investing in multiple projects in Europe Middle East and Asia. SMLs main business lines are Energy and Petroleum. Currently and in the past, SML is the first and most importing Aviation Fuel supplier from Europe and Africa.

On daily basis, we deliver millions of liter fuel to Government Institutes, private organizations and commercial suppliers which they mainly consume for the tactical equipment,power generation, vehicle and movement and for air traffic.

Environmental Projects

SML invested in environmental sector in the mid of 2008 mainly in India and UAE. It included products, systems, solutions and services for using renewable energy, enhancing energy efficiency, and protecting the environment through technology, for example in water or air purification.

SML took gigantic opportunity and continued the investments in the energy sector. In the prior 2007 fiscal year, SML energy and environmental portfolio generated US Dollar 7 million in revenues – almost a quarter of the corporate total. The portfolio’s products and solutions were saving SML corporate customers almost 9 million US Dollar due to the quality of product, services and a complete backup support. By fiscal 2014, revenues had reached US Dollar 29.9 million. Another two years later and it was US Dollar 36 million in revenues and investment reached to US Dollar 521 million. This course of sustainable corporate management would continue systematically, and be enshrined in two strategic programs, Fit in SML’s Vision 2020. Recently, SML management started developing next 10 years planning for investment and thinking beyond.