SML in United Kingdom

Headquartered in London, UK, SML Logistics has built its foundation around collaborative, long-term relationships with clients and carriers.

We recognize that the highest of service levels are vital to the successful partnership between companies in our industry. Our philosophy of devoted, personalized attention to our clients provides for service levels that exceed the average 3PL or transportation provider.

We recognized a need for logistics service providers that could assist clients with unique logistics solutions. Our focus began with assisting clients within the industry experiencing challenges with material transport. Our commitment and service levels within this vertical helped us successfully develop our business model over a short period of time. We quickly evolved from a single transportation mode provider to a full-service transportation and logistics company servicing a broad range of clients.

SML team of dedicated, talented employees enables us to continue to provide the highest levels of service expected by our clients. The combination of exceptional people, industry leading technology, and unrivaled service levels allows us to rise above our competition and continue with the goal of exceeding client expectations each day.

Collaborative Partnerships

Collaborating closely with clients allows us to achieve specific client objectives and to identify ongoing improvement opportunities. Our company is built on the belief that proactive communication and collaboration with our clients is a key factor to success. We measure our success in correlation to the success of our clients and our team is proactive and committed to seeking ways to continually improve.

Innovative Technology

Our team assists with selecting and implementing appropriate technology solutions for each client’s specific needs with a focus on automation. Solutions range from online order entry to the integration and utilization of our extremely flexible, web-based TMS. No matter the solution, SML works closely with clients, monitoring our system and continuously improving to gain maximum efficiencies while providing ongoing, quantifiable results.

Client Centric Focus

SML is devoted to providing unrivaled commitment and personalized service to clients. We provide extensive knowledge across all modes of transportation and provide supply chain solutions to each client with their own unique needs allowing clients to focus on core competencies. Our client centric focus provides for service levels that exceeds the average 3PL or transportation provider.

Dedicated 24/7 Team

Our team is available 24/7. Each client is assigned one main point of contact for streamlined communication. Whether it’s moving a one-time shipment or implementing a customized outsource solution; we intend to exceed our customer’s expectations each time.

The factors which differentiate SML operations from those of other players in this business include:

  • Ability to construct field fuel installation even at remote sites and commence operations in the shortest period.
  • Experience and capability in importation, transportation, storage and distribution of ground fuels and Aviation fuels as per the needs of its clients.
  • Expertise and competency in supplying fuel to the clients’ equipment and vehicles, including in-to- plane refueling operations catering to all types of aircraft and at all situations.
  • Ability to develop Rapid Deployment fuel stations even at remote sites at short notice.
  • QA / QC system conforming to the most stringent specification, continuously monitored at very senior management level.
  • Safety systems, procedures and practices meeting the international standards globally, exceeding the expectations of its customers.
  • Deployment of well-trained and highly experienced personnel, hand-picked from reputed Oil majors worldwide.
  • In addition to in-house monitoring, annual inspections of fuel sites, equipment and facilities by competent personnel from independent and renowned external agencies.

Recent Projects and Services SML Offers