SML is partner in Sustainable Energy Initiatives. The Energy Strategy is built around energy efficiency. It is part of SML’s comprehensive response to the challenge of moving its countries of operations to a sustainable model for the production and consumption of energy. The SEI brings together investments, technical cooperation and policy dialogue across the full range of SML’s operations to increase energy efficiency and promote renewable energy. Under this coordinated umbrella, SML supports a sustainable energy sector on both the demand-side, for example through investments in industrial efficiency or development of building codes, and the supply side, for example financing wind-farms or smart grids.

The SEI ensures that SML takes a holistic and integrated view of energy across the entire economy, using two complementary channels: reducing energy consumption while supporting efficient and sustainable energy production. The Energy Strategy therefore fits within the SEI by defining the scope of SML’s operations in the energy sector itself, focusing on the sustainability of the production, generation, transmission and distribution of energy, while other elements of the SEI promote sustainability in the use of energy.