Fuel integrity is essential when it comes to your equipment’s reliability. However, when fuel is stored for long periods of time, it can naturally form sediments and fuel particles also known as tank sludge. It can also accumulate water or other contaminants over time. These contaminants, left untreated can cause engine and other mechanical failures.

In order to ensure business continuity and maintain the reliability of your equipment, SML has formed an exclusive nationwide fuel quality control partnership with SGS Fuel Testing Experts. SGS is the market leader in fuel testing and maintenance services.

Our fuel sample test can tell if there is any water or micro bacterial contamination that can cause engine failures. When impurities exist, we can suggest a cost-effective way to remediate the fuel including:

  • Fuel Additives
  • Biocide treatment
  • Fuel polishing (removal of contaminants)
  • Schedule your fuel sample today.
Maintenance Standards

SML’s vehicle standards are maintained by employing “scheduled”and “unscheduled” inspections at the point of origin and at our support centers. SML Equipment Preventive Maintenance Plan (EPMP), includes a cycle of daily, weekly,monthly, and annual periodic inspections and servicing targeted at preventing defects of Petroleum products equipment and the trucking fleet as well as potential contamination. We maintain complete inspection records for all vehicles at our Operations Centers where ever we operate.

Equipment Preventive Maintenance Plan (EPMP)

We maintain standards while serving our customers and we own and maintain our fleet and add to it as required. Our vehicle standards are maintained by employing scheduled and unscheduled inspections at the point of origin and at our support centers. Please see below for a breakdown of scheduled and standardized inspections and maintenance