SML in Europe

Containers Services

Retail Distribution


SML provides its customers with containerized land transportation services. SML’s fleet is equipped with a wide variety of chassis lengths to transport containers of different specification.

Delivering goods safely in a timely manner is essential to meeting our customer’s expectations. SML offers a range of equipment with varying capacity to complete your retail distribution requirements.

Our Retail distribution services also features managing your supply chain flow and maximizing its efficiency.

SML offers auto driveway services tailored to your specific needs. Our qualified staff and drivers have the most extensive training and transportation experience necessary to handle and deliver your vehicles safely and damage free.

We are committed to providing seamless and dependable transportation for light duty (cars & vans) and heavy duty vehicles (trucks).

Dedicated Trucking

Temperature Controlled Cargo

Break Bulk / Project Cargo

As a specialist in transportation and distribution industry, SML provides tailor-made service solutions for all your dedicated trucking needs.

We apply intense discipline to every aspect of managing your transportation and logistics operation. We give you greater productivity and increased profitability without the costs and burdens of owning equipment and maintaining overheads. We provide cost efficiency while delivering superior service.

SML guarantees that your products are maintained at the required temperature and safely delivered to your customers’ premises. We make sure the freight is preserved at its accurate temperature in a quality controlled environment, equipped with water cooling system.

Our team of experienced staff and expert drivers operate using high quality refrigerated trucks available any time to make sure goods, including perishables, are delivered safely and on time.

SML is one of the few dynamic players that understand and can analyze the most complex requirements of our customers. We select the most appropriate haulage plan and provide insured and low risk trucking solutions.

We offer an array of trailers for your service; and direct / specialized delivery of cargo from pickup point to any destination within UAE and across GCC.